About Right There Fence Rental

Temporary Fence Rental in Ohio

Our company was formed in 1999 and since then has worked with dozens of satisfied temporary fence rental clients. Since the formation of the company, we have had several memorable temporary fence rental projects. One of our largest included erecting 1,500 rental fence panels for the renovation of Westfield Mall in Toledo, Ohio. 

Another memorable project included renting fences to Lake High School after it was hit by a tornado in the summer of 2010. Our fencing also protected the Lake Township Police Department after being hit by the same tornado.

Cedar Point Amusement Park rented fence from Right There Fence Rental to secure an entire parking lot for a special event. The Perry Monument on Put-In-Bay needed construction and repair, and we were hired by the National Park Service to provide temporary rental fencing.

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temporary-fence-rentalTemporary Fence Rental Panels

Our “No-Permit” panels are a fast solution for immediate needs and emergencies and they are readily available in our warehouse. We can also handle arrangements for longer term permits, depending on your rental fencing needs. We have post-driven fences and bases for surface rental fencing. The 2 foot by 2 foot square base stands that our fences have can hold the rental fencing on virtually any terrain or surface.

Right There Fence Rental is an affiliate of  Zimmerman Paint Contractors of Fremont, Ohio.

From 1958 to our Fence Rental Business Today

Clarence “Pete” Zimmerman started Zimmerman Paint Contractors Co. in 1959.  Pete was born in 1933 and grew up in the Gibsonburg-Woodville, Ohio area.  After graduation from Woodville High School in 1950, he worked on lake freighters for two years before going into the barber business.

While cutting hair, he was told by a customer that he needed his parking lot striped. After making inquiries, Chemi-Trol Chemical Co. of Gibsonburg, Ohio, where Pete’s Father was employed, told him that he could borrow a striping machine.  After striping his lot, Pete decided to establish his own striping business.

In 1959, Pete purchased a new striping machine for his business, a 1950 Studebaker, and a used two wheel trailer.  For the next ten years, he worked out of his garage in Fremont, Ohio. His business consisted of painting parking lots and striping two small towns in northwest Ohio. In 1964 he bought a used 1950 Chevy truck. In 1969 Pete bought his first new truck and the company moved to a former dairy site on June Street in Fremont.  The company was incorporated in 1981 and in 1988 his son Jack, now president, started working for  him in a full-time position. In 1995 Zimmerman Paint Contractors Co. moved to its present location at 2710 Hayes Ave., Fremont, Ohio.

Right There Fence Rental was started by members of the Zimmerman family in 1999.