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barrier-fenceA 24-Hour Temporary Barrier Fence Rental Service in Ohio

When disaster strikes, our barrier fences are there to prevent injury and keep people safe from any danger that may arise. Servicing the community since 1999, we have a full range of  temporary rental fence products to meet your every need. We want to be available at all times, so our fencing service is available 24 hours a day for setup or teardown.

We are here for your Temporary Barrier Fence Needs

Our 24 hour Fence Service staff is always on hand to assist you, from set up to tear down. We move quickly, and our chain link panel fence system and chain link mesh post driven fence are always pre-packed and ready to go. The minute we receive a phone call, we are on the move, heading to the disaster with your Emergency Fence solution.

With our pre-packed palletized chain link panel fence system there is no time delay to setup the barrier fence. No permits are required with our “No Permit” temporary fencing—just define a perimeter and watch as we construct your Rental Panel Fence.

Call us today for your fence rental needs at 419-467-7642.