Links to Other Zimmerman Companies

In addition to owning Right There Fence Rental, we are also affiliated with Ohio Emergency Fence Rental and Zimmerman Paint Contractors Company. All of our companies are operated with the same level of customer satisfaction--we are not satisfied until you are happy with our work.

Zimmerman Paint Contractors Company: This company has been established since 1953 when Clarence “Pete” Zimmerman decided to start lining roads and parking lots after lining the parking lot of his barber shop. His business is still owned and operated by family members and has continued to grow and be successful. Among the satisfied customers of Zimmerman Paint are Lowes, Cedar Point, Wal-Mart, and the Toledo Express Airport. Zimmerman Paint is also prequalified with the Ohio Department of Transportation. Visit our site for information on professionally painted parking lots and road striping.

Ohio Emergency Fence Rental: Like Right There Rental, Ohio Emergency Fence Rental has been around since 1999 and been an active help in many local disasters. Their emergency fence rental has been used to protect schools and police departments that were damaged by a tornado. In addition, their emergency fence systems were used to secure areas after the flooding in Findlay, OH. With their 24-hour fence rental system, they are always available to take care of your emergency fencing needs. During times of emergency, the fence is loaded on trucks so that immediate reaction can happen when a call is received for emergency fence rental.