Temporary Fencing for Emergencies in Ohio

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Right There Rental

Right Here Rental can provide temporary fencing for all fencing needs. Fencing can be used for special events, parking, security, concerts, and especially in emergency situations such as flooding or fire, construction and demolition and so much more. Right There Rental wants to be available for customers around the clock and therefore offers a 24-hour rental service to customers. From setting up the fence to tearing it down, we are there to take care of your fencing needs at any hour of the day or night.

Temporary Fencing for Emergency Situations

For fires, floods, tornados, or other disastrous situations that require temporary emergency fencing, we have our chain link panel fence system and chain link mesh post driven fence that are ready to go when you need them. The fence is pre-packed and palletized for quick delivery and easy setup. No permit is needed for the emergency fence, so all you need to do during a difficult time is point our experienced staff in the right direction. They will install your fence to prevent looting or any potential injury from bystanders wanting to get too close to a potentially dangerous area.

Secure the Area with Temporary Fencing

After a natural disaster, make certain that important areas such as schools and police stations are secured with temporary fencing. For locations as important as these areas, keeping everyone safe is the key to controlling a difficult situation. Using temporary fencing to enclose a specific area can make this task easy.

Temporary Fencing Needs

Right There Fence Rental can accommodate all of your temporary fencing needs. We are eager to hear from you and see how we can help you with your current projects or business events. Contact us today to request a temporary fencing quote.