rent-a-fenceOur Fence Products

Each Fence Rental or purchase comes already packaged on our flatbed truck to your location. Getting around your site to the set up locations is made easy. Lightweight, and with a mobile construction design, setting up and relocating is a breeze. When you are finished just let us know and we will return to begin the removal process of your Temporary Fence Rental. With us you can be rest assured we are there for you from beginning to end.

Temporary Chain Link Panel System

Our 2'x2' premium powder coated stand allows for a full range of motion making angles and turns simple. A 2 post design allows the sleeve of your 6'x 10' panel fence to drop right into place with no complications. To give a more sound structure we add a bolted clamp to the top to give that extra reassurance that your Fence is not going anywhere.

Post Driven Chain Link Fence

For long term rental fence barricades, we usually recommend our Post Driven Chain Link System, especially around large areas or construction demolition project sites. We recommend plans in advance hole auguring usually requires OUPS to inspect the ground where you plan to have us set up your Temporary Barricade.

Fence Barricade’s For Purchase

Each Fence project has its own needs and specifications. We offer sales and services for almost every need. From home owner to business owner our Fence Products are there for you. Serving government, state, county, city, parks, industrial, commercial, churches farming, athletic fields, to residential customers with our fence barricade sales to our emergency fence rentals.

Government, State,
County & City Parks, Athletic Events & Fields

  • Facilities
  • Land
  • Parks
  • Construction
  • Events
  • Funded projects
  • Highways, streets, road projects
  • Baseball diamonds
  • Basketball & tennis courts
  • Football fields
  • Tailgating
  • Line forming
  • Parking

Commercial, Industrial, Residential, Churches & Farming

  • Perimeter, Property Line
  • Mechanical Areas
  • Gas & Fuel Zones
  • Security Check Points
  • Employee & Delivery Parking
  • Material Yard
  • Live Stock
  • Equipment Yard
  • Dog & Animal Kennels
  • Construction & Demolition Projects

Special Event Temporary Fence Rental

Parties mean crowds and crowds mean parking issues. Our temporary fences help alleviate these issues. Your fence rental will be delivered and setup when you need it. The lightweight design allows for easy mobility and setup.

A great way for forming lines, security areas, waste management, and keeping people contained. Our crowd and traffic control barricades help keep control of your special event. In the state of Ohio outdoor events with a beer permit are required to furnish a barricade around their venue—a perfect opportunity to use our temporary panel fence rental!

Rental Crowd Conrol Barricades

Our Temporary Panel Fence is an Ideal Solution for:

  • Concerts
  • Festivals
  • Parades
  • Sporting Events
  • Parking Lots
  • Regattas
  • Security Areas

Our chain link panel fence system is the ideal solution to a line forming or containment need. Lightweight easy to move fence panels make perfect barricades for your event. We will come and set up your rental fence in the area you would like and be there to take down your temporary barricade when finished.